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Overcoming Obstacles & Planting Hope

Expanding Our Reach in Madagascar

September 2018

Overcoming Obstacles & Planting Hope1 Overcoming Obstacles & Planting Hope2

In 2015, Warren Allan was first led to Southern Madagascar alongside ministry partner Dynamic Church Planting International, where his heart was captured by the needs of many unsupported people who live across the country's vast, rugged terrain. The ethnic group in this region is defined in church planting language as an ‘unreached people group’ because it does not have an indigenous, self-propagating Christian church movement. Other contributing factors to this definition are the remote location, absence of national support, severe drought- prone topography and little to no agricultural development.

Since 2015, Warren has traveled with DCPI annually and developed a personal relationship with local missionary and leader of the Jesus Family Kingdom ministry, Sedera Rakotoaritsifa. Together, they've developed strategic plans to access remote villages to provide clean water wells, medical and dental care, and plant churches that Sedera continues to foster.