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Optivest Properties Joins Charity Storage

Announces Upcoming Charity Auctions in February

February 2013

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Killeen, Texas (PRWEB) –  BeaumontEnterprise.com

Sometimes, when a company decides to help others, it does so because it not only realizes it is a good thing to do, but because it is an essential part of that company’s makeup. Such is the case with Optivest Properties, which has decided to host Charity Storage auctions at many of the 43 self storage sites that it manages. The end result? Charities will benefit and Optivest will keep doing what comes naturally.

“Optivest Properties is always striving to do our part to better the world we live in,” said Warren Allan, President of Optivest. “We encourage each of our employees to find an organization that they are passionate about in their local community. I am excited about the opportunity for Optivest Properties to join Charity Storage because it allows us to use what we do best to affect the lives of the people in our communities”

Optivest will kick off its first Charity Storage auction on February 22 at the Longranch Self Storage facility in Killeen, Texas.

“We are very grateful to have Optivest Properties join Charity Storage and we can already tell that the enthusiasm they are bringing to the table will translate into great auctions,” said Lance Watkins, a co-founder of Charity Storage along with Barry Hoeven. “Optivest is clearly a company that cares about others and our industry is lucky to have them. We look forward to many years of success raising money for those in need.”

Charity Storage was created when Watkins and Hoeven saw the popularity of self storage auctions grow and realized that the self storage industry could give back to society through special auctions whose proceeds go to local and national charities. The net proceeds from the sale of each unit at a Charity Storage auction are split three ways — the Self Storage Association Foundation (which provides scholarships to students who are related to self storage professionals or work at self storage facilities) receives 10 percent, Kure It Cancer Research receives 30 percent, and the individual facility hosting the auction chooses a local or national charity to receive the remaining 60 percent.

Optivest Properties is one of the self storage industry’s finest full service consulting firms specializing in property management, acquisition, image branding, asset financing and project consulting. It currently manages 43 storage sites located in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and New Hampshire. Optivest Properties strives to have each facility that it manages get involved with their local community and also to get to know the residents that store with them. Some of the charities that Optivest is partnering with are Susan G Komen (Phoenix area), St Jude’s Ranch for Children, Jose's Closet, Chynna's Helping Heart, Leashes for Living and the Maddie James Foundation.

“Optivest is committed to corporate tithing for the benefit of those less fortunate and we shall always place the utmost priority on honesty, integrity and professionalism when serving and caring for our clients and our company employees,” Allan said.

In fact, the Optivest Foundation was created seven years ago to fund a variety of projects with the desired impact of communicating a Christian message of love and care. That funding has included a variety of initiatives, from individual scholarships to single-family assistance to transformative community projects.